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two tutorials at one time!

 'how to make the calendar just like u?'

 'how to make the status just like u?'

okay disebabkan simple je tutorial ni i'll share sebab kalau tuto tu complicated sangat i aint taking the risk sebab maybe coding lintang pukang nanti salah awak semua nangis saya tak sangg0p lmao gurau

1) Calendar

 Dashboard -> Template

Copy bawah ni:

<center><<embed height="240px" quality="high" src=""
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="180px"

Paste anywhere you want it to be. Kalau nak ada bawah cbox tekan F3, find the word 'cbox' and then paste bawah tu. As simple as that :)

2) Status 

Dashboard -> Template

WAIT APA NI KORANG LIA DAH BUAT TUTO NI LOL NAH KLIK SINI nasib tak buat sekali lagi buat letih je waduh waduh moral of the story check dulu dekat tutobies sebelum request okay haha